About Us

About Us

Bryson Express Limited is a private limited company established on 26th January 2004 by a Kenyan family Mr. Charles Ng’wono Ngoe and Mrs. Margaret Ngoe who, with their current team, have collectively acquired experience of almost 100 years. Bryson Express Ltd uses the same trading name as it operates as a provider of tea handling and value addition services, clearing and forwarding; transport and warehousing.

The firm has its operations situated around Shimanzi, which is within the Port of Mombasa perimeter indicating that the company is strategically positioned.


Our mission is to provide warehousing, blending, packing and clearing and forwarding solutions that deliver quality and safe products for sustainable business


Our vision is to be the leading tea handling facility in Africa that meets diverse customer needs and expectations

Our Services

Freight Forwarding

Import and Export, All modes of transport, Documentation and Crating (in house operator)


Bonded and Tea Transit


Transport Logistics and Advisory Service

Our Management

The company is managed by two shareholders; Charles N Ngoe and Mrs. Margaret Ngoe assisted by skilled employees with varied and rich work experiences gained over several years while working with different organizations.

Both directors are competent and active entrepreneurs who have brought their wealth of knowledge and business acumen to bear on the company’s operations. They are people of character and mettle with compatible backgrounds in warehousing, clearing & forwarding as well as cargo transport.

Company Structure

Clearing & Forwarding department

This department offers full clearing and forwarding services and handles both import and export cargo documentation. The department is manned by a team of highly competent personnel. For the department to handle transit cargo, the company has a transit and bond cover.

Cargo Transport Department

This department operates road transport and has a fleet of six (6) trucks for local transport.

Warehousing Department

The company has seven leased Go-downs with a total area of 101181.16 ft2 as follows: - a) Customs Bonded Go-down No 475 b) Customs Tea Transit Go-down No 122 c) 5 general Go-down d) A value addition Go-down

Tea Blending Machines and Packaging plant

The company has a tea blending plant installed on site with a capacity of blending and holding tea. A separate site also exists for both pouch sealing and tea bagging that boasts of modern machines meeting current industry standards for quality and safety. These warehouses have ample loading and off-loading yard. Weighing is done on 3-ton pallet weighing machines, 1 vibrator and several portable weighing scales. The warehousing department is manned by experienced workers who book in imported tea, control the movement of goods and work out the relative charges.